Regional Qualification projects

Regional qualification projects/preprojects shall submit their reports no later than one month after the project has ended. 

  • Final report for qualification-/preprojects shall be submitted no later than one month after the given end-date. The report skall include: 
    • Final report submitted by SurveyXact link which will be made available upon request (As of Dec.2020, only available in Norwegian, unfortunately).
    • A short written report describing the results from the project. (see box)
    • Project account for the complete project period until the end date. Costs for the Auditor may be included in the project accounts (see box).

Accounts for the project

RRF Oslo uses a separate template for project accounts, which can be downloaded from this page (see box). 

In general, we follow the same accounting standard and practice for accounting as the Research Council of Norway.  Guidelines for calculating payroll and indirect expenses can be found here

We have also shared an excel sheet with an example of how to calculate payroll and indirect expenses.

RRF Oslo invites our grant holders to a short course in project accounting approximately twice a year. The presentation from the course can be downloaded from our Norwegian website. 

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