Regional Innovation project

Regional Innovation projects in the main project form skall submit a progress report and project accounts annually within a given deadline.

  • Progress report for main projects shall be submitted annually by january 25. by SurveyXact-link.
  • Project accounts for main projects shall be submitted no later than March 1. 

Annual project accounts must be approved by a certified auditor. 

  • Final report for main projects with project results shall be submitted no later than 1 month after the end date of the project. The final report shall include:
    • professional final report
    • final report in the same format as the progress report submitted by SurveyXact-link
    • Project account for the current year until the end project date
    • Popular science presentation

The deadlines are set in the grant contracts and we request that they are followed. We depend on your progress reports for our reporting to the  Ministry of Research and Higher Education. We cannot guarantee remuneration before summer for annual project accounts submitted after the 1.March deadline. 

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