Information in English

Most of our information is unfortunately only available in Norwegian so far. However, we aim to get better. As we develop our content, we will publish short summaries and information in English here. Hopefully this will be of some assistance.

A presentation of RFF Oslo, our policy and funding opportunities, as of autumn 2020 can be found in the block menu on the right. This presentation was first held at an Oslo Business Region breakfast seminar October 30, 2020.


Some useful links:

The Research Council of Norway has published some basic information in English. RFF Oslo operates according to the same EU and state regulations as the Reseach Council. 

Conditions for awarding state aid - guidelines for funding. 

Funding from RFF Oslo is awarded according to Article 25 of the Block exemption, Aid for research and development project. 

The Research Council of Norway has this English webpage on Innovation projects for the industrial sector. It also has links to other funding possibilities, such as Skattefunn